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Family Events At Castleknock Hotel

Families at Castleknock

Castleknock Hotel is the perfect events venue in Dublin for your local family function from Birthday Celebrations, Special Anniversaries & Family Gatherings.

Regardless of the size of the event, from an intimate meal for a few of your family members or hosting family gatherings or parties for relatives from every corner of the world, we will look after you and ensure your requests are catered for

You have a choice of private function rooms within the hotel;

Phoenix Suite - with a capicity of up to 200 persons

Tower Suite - with a capicity of up to 100 persons 

Castle Suite - with a capicity of up to 60 persons

The hotel can offer sit down meals, buffets, finger food, canapes or any special requests that you might have. Several of our function rooms have bars inside the rooms and there are two smoking terraces in the hotel.

If you are interested in viewing the hotel or you would like some more information, call +353 (0) 1 640 6300 or email

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We look forward to hearing from you

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Castleknock Hotel & Country Club

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