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Six Wedding Trends for 2022


As we approach the end of 2021 and look back at the last 2 years it has certainly been a whirlwind for engaged and newly married couples. We look forward with positivity for a return to normality with wedding restrictions having further eased and look ahead to wedding trends in 2022.

Despite a ‘return to normality’ there are certain trends that are sure to continue into 2022 due to their popularity throughout the pandemic.

Wedding Trends 2022

1. Outdoor spaces to remain a priority

2. More intimate musical performances

3. Live streaming becomes the norm

4. Less item personalization / more monogramming

5. The meal becomes so much more 

6. Weekday weddings

We expect outdoor spaces to remain a priority – the beautiful surrounds of our wedding garden overlooking a magnificent 18-hole golf course is the ideal outdoor space for your welcome drinks reception. The calm, natural surrounds bring a tranquil start to the day and set the tone for the evening. 

Intimate musical performances such as a string quarter, solo singer or acoustic guitarist are sure to stay popular with your wedding guests as they provide the perfect ambience for the day (and night!)

Live streaming has become the norm – we are now no stranger to a Zoom call – and with family and friends living in four corners of the world it makes it all the easier for them to take part in your big day continuing into 2022. 

Personalization will never lose popularity however due to many brides and grooms having to change their dates multiple times we expect to see a move away from wedding dates on favors, glasses, décor et cetera and more of a move towards monogramming with initials which ensures the piece is timeless. 

At post pandemic weddings we believe the meal becomes so much more – we have learned to see food as more of an experience rather than a quick feast before the race to the dance floor. Our deliciously curated banqueting menus keep this in mind with the allowance for you to add your own personal touch. 

It’s time to think outside of the box in 2022 – weekday weddings are gaining popularity with those looking to celebrate for longer planning a welcome event on a Thursday, enjoying a Friday wedding and a Saturday lunch celebration. For the happy couple who want the day to never end this is the ideal situation.

Whatever type of celebration you choose our dedicated Wedding Team are on hand to make your day everything you had imagined and more! To make a wedding enquiry please contact our Wedding Coordinator Louise on 01 640 6319 to discuss making your dreams a reality.


What to look for when doing a wedding show around

For newly engaged couples, we know that choosing the perfect wedding venue can be a stressful process. You will likely narrow your choice down to a handful of venues, before contacting each of them and setting up a show around. Below are some tips and recommendations for what to look for to ensure you get the most from your visit!

Venue Staff

What are your first impressions of the venue’s wedding coordinator? This person will become your first point of contact for anything wedding related throughout the planning process, therefore it’s important that you see their enthusiasm and positivity right from the start.

You should also take a look at the other staff in the venue, in the likes of the reception, bars, banqueting, etc, as these staff members will all interact with you and your guests on the big day. Reading wedding testimonials and other online reviews will also give you a more insightful view into what you can expect from the staff.

Wedding Packages

What is included in the package? Are the wedding packages flexible? Are there any added extras that the venue can offer you?


How can you personalise your wedding day and express your individuality? Maybe you want to name each table after a city that you and your partner have visited together or maybe you have some DIY décor that you would like to setup. Either way make sure your venue is okay with this before you spend money and valuable time getting creative. 

Venue/Room Layout

When taking a tour of the venue or ballroom, ask what the logistics are for your arrival reception. Where will the drink reception take place? Is it close to the ballroom?

Is there a bar in the main ballroom? Some venues have the bar located outside of the ballroom and this can sometimes separate your wedding guests between those chatting at the bar and those inside dancing. This can often leave the room feeling emptier and lacking atmosphere.

Another thing to question is whether the table and chairs will have to be moved after dinner to make way for the stage and dancefloor, or whether it can all be fitted into the one space without any disruption.  

Preferred Dates

One thing you never want to leave a show around without knowing is the availability of your preferred dates.

Interested in a show around at Castleknock Hotel? Click here!  


7 reasons why Castleknock Hotel is the perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding

       1. Location, Location, Location

Imagine a wedding venue being so close to the city centre yet feeling like you have escaped away to the countryside – no need to imagine any longer because Castleknock Hotel is exactly that!!

Located only 20 minutes from Dublin City Centre, Castleknock Hotel is a stone’s throw away from the Phoenix Park, making it the perfect location for your dream wedding! And with the airport within a 25 minute drive, it is convenient for guests travelling from near and far to attend your big day.

  1. We have enough room to invite the neighbours

Let’s be honest, us Irish have an unusual tradition that we feel the need to invite everyone to our wedding. Your mother’s neighbour’s sister that invited you to her birthday when you were 10 is getting an invite even though you haven’t spoken to her in 20 years. But don’t worry we have plenty of space for them all.

We have 190 fabulously spacious bedrooms on site, and we will block book 20 of these rooms for the night of your wedding at a discounted bridal rate. And with a golf course, pool, gym, spa and playground on site, your guests will be able to recover in style the morning after.

  1. Perfect for Civil Ceremonies

For the couples that want to break away from the norm of a church ceremony, a Civil Ceremony is the way forward. We have a beautiful civil ceremony room that can cater for various wedding sizes. Civil ceremonies are perfect for couples who want their personality to shine through on their special day. As well as this, they allow you to spend more time with your guests because everything is all under the one roof.

  1. Dedicated Wedding Coordinator and Wedding Team

Planning your wedding is like a second job! You each have your Monday to Friday jobs but then you come home and spend your weekends planning every little detail that goes into your special day - and trust me there can be a lot of details!! So, when it comes to your venue, you really want as much help as you can get. As your dedicated Wedding Coordinator, I will be on hand throughout the whole process making sure all of your questions are answered and your big day is as stress free as possible. Our dedicated Wedding Team will be there on your big day to make sure your guests feel welcomed and looked after.

  1. Inclusive wedding packages

Whether you are looking for a summer wedding celebration or a cosy winter theme, we have a package to suit everyone. All of our wedding packages are fully inclusive, yes, I said it – FULLY inclusive. So that means a drinks reception with a drink per person and canapes, a 5 or 6 course dinner with a half bottle of wine per person and your evening buffet is all included. Your perfect package also includes stunning room décor depending on your chosen package. So get in touch because your perfect wedding package awaits!

  1. Beautifully redesigned ballroom

If all of the above didn’t convince you that Castleknock Hotel is your perfect wedding venue then our stunning newly refurbished ballroom will certainly convince you!

Our wedding ballroom is the perfect backdrop for your reception. Newly refurbished in summer 2019, the décor is elegant and classy and the colour scheme works well with all wedding themes. Our ballroom has two bars - one on each end of the room (and we know how important this is for Irish weddings). As well as this, a key feature of our ballroom is its shape. The unique shape of the ballroom means that no tables need to be moved or shifted once dinner is over, so that means you aren’t losing half of your guests before your band starts because the room has to be reshuffled!

  1. Day 2!!

Stay in the wedding bubble for as long as you can, have a day 2 or 3 (or even 4!). You want something more relaxed and informal for your day 2 so a summer BBQ in our dedicated wedding garden or finger food in our Lime Tree bar is the perfect solution for this. Invite your friends back, enjoy some music and riminess on the most special day of your lives with your nearest and dearest.

So now that I have surely convinced you that Castleknock Hotel is your perfect wedding venue, come see it for yourself by getting in touch and arranging your exclusive show around. I would love to meet you and help you turn your dream wedding into an unforgettable reality!

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