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Hybrid Events

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Castleknock Hotel is pleased to introduce hybrid events to our arsenal of conferencing and corporate services. We have invested in the latest technology in audiovisual conferencing to ensure the most up to date seamless approach to conferencing in the modern post-pandemic world. Hybrid events are hosted both in person and virtually simultaneously. Attendees who prefer to go to a live, physical event have the option to attend while those who prefer the convenience of online events or who are unable to attend in person can also participate.


Hybrid events are expected to play a significant part in the future so we have leaned into this technology. We offer the below:

  • Hi-Definition Cameras built-in 
  • High Quality Built-In Microphones
  • Wireless Hi-Speed Broadband
  • Onsite Technical Support 


Some benefits of holding a hybrid event include:

  1. Increased Marketability: Virtual events allow people from around the globe as well as though who may not be able to take time off work or have parental duties to attend the event. Online events can be marketed to individuals who otherwise couldn't attend. 
  2. Eco- Friendly: Online events have much lower carbon footprints than their in-person counterparts because of the travel involved and the waste from other physical marketing collateral like brochures, lanyards and information sheets. 
  3. Reduced Travel Costs: Since attendees do not have to leave their homes to attend the event, they do not have to pay for travel costs such as transportation, lodging, food and entertainment. 


For enquiries please contact or call 01 640 6300 to speak to a member of our Events Team directly.