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6 Creative Ideas to keep them busy

- Posted on: 10/04/2020 - $itemValue.title

6 Creative Ideas to keep them busy and you sane during lockdown!

Egg Decorating

If you don't mind using up some of your precious groceries this is a fun and creative way to entertain the whole family. You'll find thousands of crafty, clever and easy ideas online, even instructions on how to make your very own egg dye. With so many options, every egg will be a unique mini-masterpiece!

Build a Den

Why not transform your kitchen table into a den!? Let your child's imagination run wild and it's easy usually with nothing more than a table, some cushions and a sheet. Have fun!

Potato Printing

Potato printing for kids is a fun and simple craft for children of all ages and most of us have got an old potato lying at the bottom of the cupboard. Simply cut your potatoes in half, draw the design into the flat edge of the potato, and cut around the outline with a sharp knife to create your very own potato stamp! Apply a thin coating of paint to the design and press on paper. The sky is the limit!

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Save those toilet paper rolls! With just a few supplies these are easy make. All you need are used toilet rolls, paint, googly eyes or black sharpie, coloured card for feet and ears and pipe cleaners for the bunny whiskers. Great fun and easy to make.

Bird Box

Who doesn't like watching the birds feed in the garden? Using just a large milk bottle you can build your very own bird feeder. A scissors and felt tips are all you need to colour the plastic or just add stickers to help stand out more easily. Bright and colourful works best.

Give Cooking Classes

During this time why not teach your little chefs some simple dishes that they can make for themselves? If you want to get creative and need a little help, there are plenty of online sources that offer cooking classes for kids. Bon appetit!

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