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Non Musical Wedding Entertainment Ideas

- Posted on: 19/08/2021 - $itemValue.title

Due to Covid unfortunately putting a stop to live music, brides and grooms have had to find alternative ways to keep their guests entertained. Make your wedding stand out with some quirky and exciting alternative wedding entertainment ideas. 

We have done our research and found some of the fantastic non music alternatives brides and grooms have chosen as their wedding entertainment in the past. Hopefully you may gain some inspiration from the entertainment ideas below! * 

1. Comedian

Laughter is the best medicine and one of the ideal ways to keep guests both young and old entertained. We recommend doing your research and viewing as much of their material online as you can, most of all – Keep it clean or Granny won’t be too happy!

2. Mr and Mrs Style Trivia Quiz

Made famous by the popular game show and a popular hen party game, a trivia quiz is sure to keep everyone interacting and entertained. Follow the Mr and Mrs style set up and have teams of bride versus groom or get each individual table competing with a general knowledge style quiz. Prizes optional!

3. Awards Ceremony

Pick your best MC, write down a list of categories for example Best Dressed on the night (bride and groom excluded!) Most Likely to Cry During Speeches, the list goes on and can be wedding related or not. The funnier the category the better! 

4. Hypnotist 

Not one for the faint hearted or the easily embarrassed this is a great idea to involve your wedding guests and ensure some crowd participation. This one may have to wait until Covid restrictions lift further but always a good idea to have in your back pocket. 

Hopefully as we move further down the roadmap with the government reopening plan many of these suggestions and more will be possibilities for your celebration. No matter what your special day will be memorable, we will make sure the only time you have to lift a finger is to admire your wedding ring!

For all wedding enquiries please contact Louise, our Wedding Coordinator on 01 640 6319 or via email


*Please note all suggestions are based on current guidelines at the time of the wedding taking place*