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Review: Made For Life Organics Touch Therapy Spa Ritual

- Posted on: 03/06/2021 - $itemValue.title

The Spa at Castleknock Hotel is delighted to offer Made For Life Organics, a new treatment and products range. Made For Life is 100% organic, these nurturing products are rich in botanicals and these unique therapies are designed to put you into a deep meditative state of relaxation.

Touch Therapy Spa Rituals are created to slow down the mind and relax, they bring harmony between the mind and the body and provide a gentle feeling of being nurtured and held.

I hope you enjoy reading a reflection of my experience with touch therapy. Working in the sales and marketing department of the hotel, I hope through this blog post to  inspire you to take the opportunity to schedule in some well deserved ‘me’ time.  

Catch The Breath is the 30 minute treatment I had the pleasure of experiencing. This gentle treatment is focused on the head, back and shoulders allowing you to slip into a deep relaxation. So deep was that relaxation that I found myself drifting off to sleep multiple times throughout!

The treatment begins with a choice of oils, inhale each deeply and decide which one you are drawn to the most. The fragrant blend of vetiver, bergamot and frankincense influenced my decision to choose Focus & Clarity as my oil of choice, which promises to restore the senses.

During the touch therapy you lie face down as if experiencing a massage and while the oil is concentrated on your back and shoulders it can be brought up into your hair. This is a lovely bonus as it provides extra hydration and nourishment. Think of it like a free hair mask! The slow, rhythmic touch therapy will allow you to quickly unwind and sink into total relaxation.

After your treatment make sure to enjoy a moment to yourself in the relaxation room. Sip some water or herbal tea, enjoy a tropical fruit pot, and savour the moment of nourishing body and soul.

Touch Therapy Spa Rituals are suitable for all, including those with a compromised immune system who may need a boost to their wellbeing. They encompass the whole body with several treatments focusing on different areas of the body and there is also a body treatment specifically created to cater for mums to be.

For more information on what treatments are available from the Made For Life range, click HERE.