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Rose Quartz Made For Life Organics Facial

- Posted on: 05/10/2021 - $itemValue.title

The rose quartz organic facial is one of the most popular treatments offered by Made For Life at The Spa. This is a deeply calming yet uplifting facial that releases tension, softens stress lines and infuses the complexion with bright energy. Let us take you through the treatment below... inhale in, and out...and prepare to relax.

Firstly, the skin is cleansed using a 100% organic cleansing balm. It's exfoliated with a chamomile, rose and vanilla scrub. Then it's toned before the massage begins. 

All Made For Life products are 100% certified organic so ideal for those with sensitive skin, going through cancer treatment, in remission or just in need of a wellbeing boost. 

Next, the Daily Radiance Facial Oil is liberally applied to the face, and a soothing calendula based balm is applied to the decolleté and shoulders. These products replenish, repair and help to brighten the skin. 

Using specific deep, releasing massage techniques across the face, neck and shoulders, the facial contours are sculpted and encouraged to return them to their intended place. Attention is placed on the masseter muscle as this can get very tigh and painful and exaggerate the jowl area. The scalp is worked on to soothe tension and relax the face. The movements are generally very firm and make an incredible difference to tired skin that is beginning to show signs of ageing. 

Puffiness is dissolved and energy is infused into the complexion using a cooling rose quartz Gua Sha (crystal massage tools, see below).

Following the lymphatic path, the Gua Sha encourages toxins to be moved along. The eyes are refreshed and contours of the face are sharpened. Deep wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds are stimulated and lifted along the jawline using the contours of the Gua Sha tool. Treatment Time (60 minutes)

Expect your complexion to be brightened, lifted and smoothed afterwards and your body to feel in a state of relaxation. Retreat to our relaxation room, sip on some herbal tea or indulge in a glass of prosecco (make sure to drink plenty of water post treatment to help with the elimination of toxins) and flick through some magazines. 

To book this treatment, call The Spa on 01 640 6366 or email 

All Spa guests receive full complimentary use of our leisure facilities including our swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Make the most of our leisure facilities and relax and unwind pre or post treatment.