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Six Wedding Trends for 2022

- Posted on: 27/10/2021 - $itemValue.title

As we approach the end of 2021 and look back at the last 2 years it has certainly been a whirlwind for engaged and newly married couples. We look forward with positivity for a return to normality with wedding restrictions having further eased and look ahead to wedding trends in 2022.

Despite a ‘return to normality’ there are certain trends that are sure to continue into 2022 due to their popularity throughout the pandemic.

Wedding Trends 2022

1. Outdoor spaces to remain a priority

2. More intimate musical performances

3. Live streaming becomes the norm

4. Less item personalization / more monogramming

5. The meal becomes so much more 

6. Weekday weddings

We expect outdoor spaces to remain a priority – the beautiful surrounds of our wedding garden overlooking a magnificent 18-hole golf course is the ideal outdoor space for your welcome drinks reception. The calm, natural surrounds bring a tranquil start to the day and set the tone for the evening. 

Intimate musical performances such as a string quarter, solo singer or acoustic guitarist are sure to stay popular with your wedding guests as they provide the perfect ambience for the day (and night!)

Live streaming has become the norm – we are now no stranger to a Zoom call – and with family and friends living in four corners of the world it makes it all the easier for them to take part in your big day continuing into 2022. 

Personalization will never lose popularity however due to many brides and grooms having to change their dates multiple times we expect to see a move away from wedding dates on favors, glasses, décor et cetera and more of a move towards monogramming with initials which ensures the piece is timeless. 

At post pandemic weddings we believe the meal becomes so much more – we have learned to see food as more of an experience rather than a quick feast before the race to the dance floor. Our deliciously curated banqueting menus keep this in mind with the allowance for you to add your own personal touch. 

It’s time to think outside of the box in 2022 – weekday weddings are gaining popularity with those looking to celebrate for longer planning a welcome event on a Thursday, enjoying a Friday wedding and a Saturday lunch celebration. For the happy couple who want the day to never end this is the ideal situation.

Whatever type of celebration you choose our dedicated Wedding Team are on hand to make your day everything you had imagined and more! To make a wedding enquiry please contact our Wedding Coordinator Louise on 01 640 6319 to discuss making your dreams a reality.